Friday night, a disgusting, racist flier calling my colleague and opponent Ravi Bhalla a “terrorist” appeared in Hoboken, and it was made to look like it came from my campaign. The flier is a crude, photoshopped copy of a previous mailer with a racist epithet added. This is gutter politics at its worst -- we’re working with the Hoboken Police Department and all relevant authorities to find out who perpetrated this smear and who is trying to paint the campaign we’ve built together as racist.

Immediately, I spoke out not just about this vile attempt to divide our city, and also against several previous instances of hate that have been displayed, from an anonymous flier calling me a “crime boss” to Super PAC campaign lies blaming me for a tax increase that happened seven years before I was in office, to hate-fueled blogs and attacks on my sexuality and my partner. This campaign has shown the worst of Hoboken, but we won’t let hate win -- stand up and vote this Tuesday for the new energy our city needs by supporting Team DeFusco.

From the start, this campaign has been about shaking up the status quo and evidently we’ve made an impact, with powerful forces aligning to take us down. But we won’t let that happen. We’re working as hard as we can through the finish line, knocking on every door and meeting every resident we can to spread our message of positive change. Please help us spread the word by sharing the video above.

Thank you, and on to victory on Tuesday.

** UPDATE as of Monday, November 6th at 1pm **

Today the Hoboken Police Department confirmed an outside actor or actors with no connection to my campaign distributed a faked, altered version of my literature with a racist epithet. This is not only an attack on my colleague but also on my own integrity and on my campaign. This was a calculated criminal act designed to sway an election. 

I urge all Hoboken residents to review this video footage and images and please contact Hoboken Police at 201-420-2131 or 201-420-2106 if you have any information about the person(s) seen here. We must all stand united against this kind of racism and interference in our democratic process, and not let fake news and misinformation change the outcome of this election.