Vanessa Falco for Hoboken City Council

Vanessa Falco is a lifelong resident of Hoboken whose family has lived in the city for generations.  She earned her undergraduate degree in Business Management from Morgan State University and her early professional background was in sales, working for major corporations such as Coca-Cola and Black & Decker before transitioning to the Office of Employment for the Mayor of Baltimore.  

After the birth of her two sons, she stepped back from the workforce to focus on raising them full-time for 9 years.  As Sean and Kyle grew older, Vanessa felt compelled to take an active role in shaping the programs available for them and other children throughout Hoboken.  

To help expand opportunities for high school students, she founded the 501(c)3 organization Discovering Other Options to raise money to allow Hoboken students to attend summer programs at college campuses.  After working at Hoboken’s Jubilee Center running an after-school program for teenagers, she completed her Masters of Public Administration at St. Peter’s University.  Vanessa is currently employed at Stevens Institute of Technology, in the Stevens Technical Enrichment Program. In her role there, she works to ensure the success of underrepresented minorities on campus.