Councilman and mayoral candidate Mike DeFusco released the following statement on Councilwoman Jen Giattino’s announcement of her Council ticket:

“Councilwoman Giattino says she wants to take a ‘fresh look’ at our local government, but her selection of Zoning Board Chair Jim Aibel as a running mate shows that she’s truly interested in the same status quo approach that has led to a stagnant business atmosphere and lack of investment in our community under the current administration. Jim Aibel has consistently voted no on land use projects that would bring needed community amenities to Hoboken. He voted against a project that will soon house a Gravity Vault rock climbing gym and West Elm retail showroom on 15th Street, against 600 Harrison Street which is adding units  to our affordable housing inventory, and against a building that now houses Elysian Charter School. Aibel’s vote against a building that would have provided free space for the non-profit Big Brothers and Big Sisters helped stop this project from moving forward, denying our community a needed addition. I first ran for Council because these kind of shortsighted planning decisions have been slowing our city’s progress and preventing our community from reaching its full potential, and now I’m running for Mayor for the same reason -- to bring new energy and new ideas to Hoboken, not the same tired, status quo approach.”


Jim Aibel Zoning Board Votes Cited:
Gravity Vault / West Elm = 1420 Willow -- December 22, 2015
Elysian Charter School = 1415 Park -- August 21, 2012
Big Brother Big Sisters = 1417 Adams -- May 16, 2017
Affordable Housing = 600 Harrison -- May 5, 2015