why mike’s neighbors support him

elaine depinto.jpg
As a 74-year-old senior citizen born and raised in Hoboken, I didn’t vote for Mike the first time he ran for First Ward Councilman. But after meeting him when he was elected, we immediately became friends. I knew right then and there that he was a sincere, hardworking and dedicated man who was serving not only the new Hoboken and the old Hoboken, but all of Hoboken.
— Elaine DePinto

mike parking.jpg
I have always been proud of my independence and to have called Hoboken home for the past 19 years as a permanently disabled resident. But like many others, snow and ice make it difficult to get around and Councilman DeFusco has made it a priority to improve my mobility in the winter months. He motivated me to help address parking concerns in our city for disabled residents. Councilman DeFusco truly loves Hoboken and continues to make a positive impact on the First Ward. He is always there to address every residents’ concerns in a sympathetic and effective way.
— Michael J. Tennaro

Living in Marine View Plaza, I know Mike cares about keeping buildings affordable for tenants. As a sitting member of the Zoning Board, Mike continues to share his vision for our city with us, one with responsible and transit oriented development, like a new market at Hoboken Terminal.
— Cory Johnson

Mike has been an ally for our family and so many of our neighbors in advocating for Newark Street pedestrian safety, reasonable development, and reducing the noise and air pollution from the nearby train yards. He has made our neighborhood safer and happier. He provides innovative solutions to our neighborhood problems. His level of responsiveness is astounding, responding within minutes regarding neighborhood issues.
— Dev and Monica Nair

In his role as the Chairman of the Hudson County Democratic LGBTQ Caucus, I have watched as Mike continues to fight for true equality and inclusion. Mike will always be a tireless advocate for the LGBTQ community in Hoboken and beyond and I am so proud to support his campaign.
— Andrew Burke

Mike has worked to improve the quality of life in our neighborhood around 333 River Street with new pedestrian safety initiatives. We know him to care about our children and fight for what is best for our community.
— Jon Aronoff and Michelle Solomon