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Mike DeFusco believes in fighting against climate change, but he knows that we need to get back to basics and reduce the everyday flooding in our neighborhoods by fixing our failing infrastructure. As Mayor, he will work to stop our streets from becoming a flood zone whenever there’s heavy rain and stop the constant water main breaks throughout the city.

Mike DeFusco hoboken Mayor

Building out Hoboken’s Pump and Sewage Infrastructure Responsibly

Hoboken has added several flood pumps in recent years, but we need to add additional pumps and make improvements to our sewer infrastructure to protect our neighborhoods. Mike DeFusco will re-examine the city’s flood plans to ensure that sewer pipes are wide enough to maximize the effectiveness of flood pumps and will work to install additional pumps where they are needed most. He’ll also avoid costly and senseless litigation like the $5 million that a judge awarded in an eminent domain battle to construct the H5 pump on our northern waterfront.


Mike DeFusco Hoboken Mayor

Investing in our Infrastructure Without Overburdening Taxpayers

Every new development in Hoboken places an additional strain on our infrastructure, and yet taxpayers have been left to foot the bill. That’s why Mike DeFusco will mandate that all new developments pay into a dedicated infrastructure fund. It’s time to hold developers accountable and make them fund needed infrastructure improvements without further burdening taxpayers. Mike will also offer tax incentives to property owners who promote sustainability in renovations and new construction.

Mike DeFusco Mayor Hoboken

Building Resilient Green Space More Efficiently

Hoboken’s Southwest Plaza is a model for resilience, but it took ten years to complete because the city relied on eminent domain and not sound planning and negotiation. That’s why the project was significantly over budget and is now surrounded by traffic, and not by vibrant neighborhood uses like mom and pop shops. Working with all stakeholders, Mike will add more resilient green space to our city and do it without long delays and cost overruns. He’ll continue the build out the 6-acre industrial site in the North for a future park, a project that could cost taxpayers $100 million if current city practices are followed but can be significantly lowered with a new approach.

Continuing Rebuild by Design, but Protecting Neighborhoods and Taxpayers

No one in Hoboken can dispute that climate change is real, not after what we all lived through during Superstorm Sandy, and we are no better protected now than we were in 2012. Mike DeFusco will work to continue Mayor Zimmer’s Rebuild by Design flood resiliency program, but he will make sure waterfront neighborhoods are protected while seeking alternatives to obtrusive floodwalls. He also won’t hide the fact that only a small fraction of the estimated $1 billion cost has been secured and will engage in an honest dialogue with residents on how to move forward and seek new funding mechanisms.