get back to basics


Get Back to Basics to Solve the Everyday Problems Residents Face

We all love living in Hoboken, but it’s frustrating when our city doesn’t seem to work right for us. Between the traffic, flooding and parking issues we face, not to mention the loss of small businesses on Washington Street and beyond, it can seem like these issues are insurmountable. Of course, they’re not. We can make Hoboken work better by bringing new ideas to the table to envision our future, but first we need to get back to basics and use new energy to solve everyday problems.


It’s About Priorities -- Reallocating City Resources to Fix Problems

A city like Hoboken should not have broken streets, huge pot holes and dirty sidewalks, but unfortunately residents are subjected to those kinds of sights every day. As Mayor, Mike DeFusco will reallocate city resources to fix these problems, because we can’t move on to the major issues until we do better on the everyday inconveniences.  

Creating a Quality of Life Team

Mike will create Hoboken’s first Quality of Life Team, a joint operation between the city’s environmental services department and the Hoboken Police Department, dedicated to responding to resident concerns like noise violations, panhandling, vagrancy, dog waste and more. This team will be responsive and easy to reach, with the ability to accept complaints via several different communications platforms and a customer service approach designed to make sure residents are being well served.

Respecting Hoboken’s Residents and Image

Hoboken has always been a community that takes pride, but how can we do that if our physical infrastructure isn’t up to our expectations? Mike DeFusco will take swift action to remedy this situation, bringing a private sector approach to public projects from small to large and holding city directors, employees and vendors accountable for doing the job right, the first time.