Our own urban beach and pool complex, right here in Hoboken

DeFusco Imagine the Future

Politicians have promised us a community pool for as long as I can remember, but they have never delivered. Hoboken should be leading the way and providing innovative community amenities -- our City deserves something unique. This is why in August 2017 I sponsored a Council resolution to urge designation of the land currently owned by Union Dry Dock on the Hudson River as park space.  As your Mayor, I will seek to finally connect the entire waterfront and construct a municipal urban beach and floating pool complex.  My concept also proposes a public marina, open to all residents, which will generate revenue to cover yearly maintenance and improvements.    


Located at 901 Sinatra Drive, the Union Dry Dock property is the last vestige of the waterfront’s industrial past and one of the only remaining undeveloped parcels on the Gold Coast. Under my plan, the property would be acquired through transparent negotiations, and public-private partnerships will be sought to minimize upfront costs to Hoboken taxpayers while providing a much-needed community amenity.  Mayor Zimmer and her allies on the City Council have been promising a pool for the better part of a decade, but we have nothing to show for it.  We deserve these exciting ideas and an administration that has the ability to see them through.  This is the kind of big picture thinking Hoboken needs.