Improving Public Transit Options


Improving Public Transit Options

Hoboken is built on public transportation -- it’s what makes our city such an attractive place for so many of our residents who use the PATH, NJ Transit and ferries to commute in and out of New York City. Mike DeFusco knows how crucial it is to fight for improved public transit options, because he’s the only candidate for Mayor who works in the city and he takes public transportation there every day. As Mayor, Mike will work for improved public transit options, both for commuters and for residents to get around Hoboken and reduce dependence on cars.


Advocating for Transit Improvements

It’s important to note that the City of Hoboken has no direct control over the PATH, which is operated by the NYNJ Port Authority, or NJ Transit buses and trains which are managed by the state. But that doesn’t mean the Mayor can’t play a role in improving transit options -- it means that we need a Mayor who will be a strong advocate for commuters and who will build relationships with these agencies to benefit our city. As a private sector professional and a commuter, Mike DeFusco will hit the reset button on these key relationships and work to benefit Hoboken residents.


More PATH Capacity

There might not be a worse feeling than running late for work and then being hit by a transit delay or a train that’s so full you can’t even get on. Mike DeFusco knows that feeling all too well, which is why he will fight for more PATH train capacity both during peak commuting hours and on the weekend when PATH is the only option for many working people who need to get in and out of the city.


Subsidizing Ferries

Commuting by ferry to and from the city can be a great way to beat the rush on the PATH, but with high fares the ferry is not an option for many. Mike DeFusco will work directly with ferry operators to provide subsidies to reduce fares for Hoboken residents.  This concept was proven during the summer when NJ Transit subsidized the Downtown Hoboken to 39th Street ferry and ridership spiked, only to be reduced dramatically when the subsidy ended. A more affordable ferry system will relieve pressure on the PATH and buses and give more commuters a new option for crossing into Manhattan. 


Adding a West Side Bus Route

Hoboken’s west side is underserved by NJ Transit buses, leaving residents cut off from the rest of the city, an especially troubling problem for seniors and disabled residents. Mike DeFusco will work with our state representatives and NJ Transit to add new bus routes to serve all of Hoboken.


Bringing CitiBike to Hoboken

Hoboken residents are connected to Manhattan and Jersey City -- that's where many Hobokenites work and where they want to go out and enjoy restaurants and amenities. Our city needs a bike share program that recognizes this fact and doesn't shy away from this strong connection. That's why Mike DeFusco will work to bring CitiBike to Hoboken, to truly connect our city to Jersey City and Manhattan.