Invest in Our Quality of Life

Dog Park Hoboken

Prioritizing Our Quality of Life with a Dedicated City Team

Like any city, in Hoboken it’s not always easy to be so physically close to our neighbors. The great majority of the time, Hoboken residents treat each other with courtesy and respect, but we’ve all been in situations where that hasn’t happened. But what do you do when the bar crowd gets too rowdy outside, or the guy around the corner won’t clean up after his dog? Until now, residents have had to call the police, taking up resources that should be spent keeping us safe. Mike DeFusco has a plan to change that and improve our quality of life.


Creating a Quality of Life Team

Mike will create Hoboken’s first Quality of Life Team, a joint operation between the city’s environmental services department and the Hoboken Police Department, dedicated to responding to resident concerns like noise violations, panhandling, vagrancy, dog waste and more. This team will be responsive and easy to reach, with the ability to accept complaints via several different communications platforms and a customer service approach designed to make sure residents are being well served.