Join mike in protecting our election

This November, we need to elect independent voices to the City Council who are unafraid to fight for Hoboken, because this election will determine the future of our city. Unfortunately, a slate of candidates supported by the Mayor is being supported by a dark money Super PAC that will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in an attempt to influence and alter the outcome of our upcoming Municipal Election. 

The PAC appears to be controlled by the city’s health insurance vendor, a company responsible for the single largest spending increase in last year’s municipal budget. Independent leaders, like myself, stood up to the vendor’s history of nickel and diming the City, and now they want us out of office so no one is left to hold them accountable. 

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This is exactly what is wrong with politics -- we need to send a clear message to these special-interest groups and let them know that Hoboken cannot be bought. In 2017, we learned first hand that Super PACs can, and will, alter the outcome of our elections. Join me in telling all candidates running for office that these dark money organizations have no business in Hoboken by signing your name on our petition. Together, we can stand up for our city and protect the integrity of our Democratic process.