unsnarling traffic in hoboken

A Record of Reducing Traffic by Working Collaboratively

When Mike DeFusco was elected as First Ward Councilman, one of his first priorities was to reduce the traffic that was choking his neighborhood. Working collaboratively with Councilman Ruben Ramos, Mike sponsored a Southwest Traffic Study that eventually led to the installation of three new traffic lights and the restoration of two lanes to Jackson Street. These changes have significantly reduced traffic in the area, but the work isn’t done yet.

A Plan to Return Four Lanes to Observer Highway

When the city reduced Observer Highway, Hoboken’s main east-west thoroughfare from four lanes to two lanes in order to install an extra-wide bike lane, the effects were felt immediately. Traffic became snarled during peak hours, with long backups often stretching from the Holland Tunnel to Hoboken Terminal and many frustrated drivers cutting through local streets to find relief. Meanwhile, the extra-wide bike lanes receive little use compared to the price residents are paying to add them.

As Mayor, Mike DeFusco will act immediately to return Observer Highway to four lanes and reducing the bike lane to the standard width, helping traffic flow in and out of our city. He’ll also take it one step further by directing three lanes out of Hoboken in the morning rush, and three lanes in during the evening in order to help traffic flow more efficiently.

Redirecting Paterson Plank Road and the Light Rail for Additional Relief

Mike DeFusco won’t stop at improving Observer Highway. 70% of the traffic on Paterson Plank Road comes from Jersey City drivers trying to get from the Heights to Downtown, which is why Mike will redirect Paterson Plank Road out of Hoboken and through Jersey City, reducing traffic on our local streets. This was a recommendation in the city’s Master Plan that has never been addressed by the current administration or our county representatives. Before we allow high-density construction on Paterson Plank Road, we need to address our transportation infrastructure.

At the same time, our city also needs to address timing issues where the Light Rail intersects with Paterson Plank Road. Poor planning often leads to several minute delays during the morning commute, backing up traffic for great distances. Mike DeFusco will act immediately to re-time the Light Rail to reduce traffic congestion and will also explore options to raise the Light Rail over the street by negotiating with NJ Transit as part of the overall redevelopment plan.