Last night a disgusting, racist flier calling my colleague and opponent Ravi Bhalla a "terrorist" appeared in Hoboken, and it was made to look like it came from my campaign. The flier is a crude, photoshopped copy of a previous mailer with a racist epithet added.
With our city's location and the fact that a world class technical institution in Stevens is right here, we have an opportunity to look to the future and create a Regional Tech-Hub, a place where innovators and inventors, makers and creators can thrive.
I will be an advocate for improved transportation connectivity that benefits the residents of Hoboken.
Find out why Hoboken, NJ residents are saying Mike DeFusco should be our next mayor.
Meet the team I'm working with every day to bring new energy and new ideas to Hoboken. Michael Flett, Andrew Impastato and Vanessa Falco make up the most diverse Council slate in this election -- they represent our whole community, not just brownstone or condo owners, or market rate or affordable renters, but everyone who makes our city great.
Businesses are closing on Washington Street because our city's Zoning Map hasn't been updated since the 1980s. Mike DeFusco will modernize the way Hoboken approaches small businesses, attracting innovative new concepts and diversifying the tax base to reduce the burden on residents.
It's time for Hoboken to get back to basics by fixing potholes, cleaning sidewalks and using technology to ease the parking crunch, but we also need a vision for our future. A vision that brings a European-style market to our train terminal, invests in our schools and pushes to protect Hoboken against flooding faster and more efficiently.

This might sound corny and idealistic, but I'm running for Mayor for the right reasons. I want to stay in Hoboken and raise a family here, and I believe that we could be doing better. As a private sector professional, I have no ethical conflicts and nothing to gain politically or financially by running. I'm doing this to solve problems and make our city work better for everyone. #NewEnergyNewIdeas

Traffic has always been a major problem in Hoboken, and as First Ward Councilman I'm proud of the work I've done alongside Councilman Ruben Ramos to sponsor a Southwest Traffic Study that resulted in the city installing three new traffic lights and finally reopening Jackson Street to two lanes.

We need a City Hall with the vision to imagine the future, the business mindset to get things done and the ability to break the political divide to benefit all Hoboken residents. 

It's time to think big on education! Learn about my plan for a new public high school complex north of 14th Street so that families can stay in Hoboken.

For Hoboken to reach its potential we need a Mayor who will work with every member of our community, bringing a private sector skill set and a positive vision for our City's future.
Washington Street is not only our city's main street, it's also our backyard. But over the past several years we've watched as its infrastructure failed, and that's exactly why I was proud to lead the effort on the Council for the Washington Street improvement plan.
Hoboken 1st Ward Councilman Mike DeFusco talks about when he decided he was running for mayor, his stance on development, his relationship with state Senator/North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco and much more.
Mike DeFusco's Plan for a Better Hoboken