A Super PAC that's backing Ravi Bhalla is trying to buy this election with a last-minute advertising blitz, spending over $50,000 to mislead Hoboken voters. This kind of interference from outside political interests is unprecedented in Hoboken elections and it is a clear sign that Bhalla is controlled by the special interests who are funding this shady campaign. This is especially troubling given the conflict of interest that was recently exposed related to Bhalla's vote on the NJ Transit Hoboken Yards redevelopment, because the law firm where he is a partner was paid $168,000 by NJ Transit in the same year that he voted in favor of the project.

The group funding these ads says on its own website: "ELEC works with developers to help win project approvals" and cites the very same Hoboken Yards project as a major win in its lobbying efforts.

A copy of the Stronger Foundations official campaign finance report now shows $50,000 spent on the Hoboken election.


Anyone who is concerned about over-development in Hoboken should take Ravi Bhalla's connection to this pro-development Super PAC extremely seriously and he needs to answer for this blatant attempt by outside political interests to take control of our city. Residential development has continued unchecked in the last eight years under Dawn Zimmer and Ravi Bhalla, with little to no community benefits or givebacks, more stress on our crumbling infrastructure and a lack of commercial development. With Ravi Bhalla as Mayor, this unbalanced development approach will no doubt continue. 

Read more about Ravi Bhalla's conflicts of interest and why he's the wrong choice for Hoboken. 


Mike DeFusco believes in taking a smart, holistic approach to development that emphasizes attracting new businesses by modernizing outdated zoning laws and creating responsible public-private partnerships to build new schools and make major investments in the city. He has called for a dedicated infrastructure fund that would be mandatory on all new developments to make sure that needed improvements are not made solely on the backs of residents. 

Hoboken can't let outside political interests take over our city -- stand up to the special interests and vote Team DeFusco on November 7.