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Listen as host Fernando Uribe and Mike DeFusco discuss the important issues facing Hoboken right now, the Mayoral campaign in the Mile Square City and why it's more essential than ever that you vote on November 7th.

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"DeFusco - he’s the visionary in the four-person contest – driven by a desire to see the city reach beyond contentment [with the status quo]."

Assemblyman Reed Gusciora Endorses Mike Defusco For Hoboken Mayor

Today the campaign of Michael DeFusco for Hoboken Mayor announced the endorsement of Veteran Democratic Assemblyman Reed Gusciora.

“Mike DeFusco has proven himself to be a progressive and dedicated public servant who goes out of his way to engage with the community to get things done,” Gusciora stated. “His vision and determination make him an ideal choice for Mayor of Hoboken for all of its residents .”

"I'm extremely proud to have the endorsement of Assemblyman Reed Gusciora as I run for Mayor of Hoboken, as I did when I ran for council in 2015,” said DeFusco. “His stand this weekend against Governor Christie's closed-door sessions in the face of the state government shutdown is just the latest page in his long record of standing up for transparency and civil rights. His brand of leadership is one we should all aspire to, and I thank him deeply for his support and his guidance."

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Mike DeFusco Inside NJ for Mayor

Mike DeFusco, pictured here at a recent event, is running for Mayor of Hoboken to ensure a better future for the town. Read more about his plan and vision!

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Via, Mike DeFusco is highlighted for his solid organization and ardent supporters above other Mayoral candidates.

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Mike DeFusco Inside NJ

Read about Mike DeFusco's vision for Hoboken in the article.

Michael Flett to run for council on DeFusco ticket

"I'm proud to support Michael Flett for City Council, and excited to welcome him as the first member of my council slate.  Michael has a proven track record with financial management, but he’s also invested in Hoboken.  He chose to raise his family here, has based his business here, and has stood up for his neighbors as a steering committee member of the Hudson Street Alliance.  His blend of experience and forward thinking is exactly what we need right now on the City Council.” ~Michael DeFusco